Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Blog Title

So, we aren't living in Colorado Springs anymore, so we definitely need a new name for the blog. Denver Hanous sounds so, well, blah. My creative bone is a bit stunted at he moment. I know there are a few people who actually look at this, so I am open to suggestions. I want something funny, sharp, and reflective of this family of mine. Like, my friend Amy, named her blog, "turkey sandwich for lunch," because it was what she was eating when she wrote her first post. LOVE IT! I want to rechristen the blog and send out the new name with our Christmas cards, so we have a little bit of time.

Help Me!


  1. New Blog title: Hand, Foot and Mouth

    Just a thought

  2. how about

    Crazy Kimmie and her Colorado clan

  3. or

    'Take a HIKE'

    'I Love My Gray House'
    'I can't believe I'm not insane... or maybe I am!'
    'PA Runaway'

  4. I'm liking a number of the ones your Mom suggested...PA Runaway is short and sweet. I like the clever twist on Hike...It could be Hanou's H.I.K.E. and then underneath in smaller letters (Holden, Ian, Kimmie, Everett.



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