Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Naked Time

So Ev has this intense diaper rash, and I have heard that going commando can help clear it up. So he ran around after his bath enjoying the freedom!

However, naked time with an 11 month old comes with it's risks.... Ian got a little messy...

Everett is becoming a great walker. I am ready for him to master this skill and get my own freedom back. He is a demanding monster right now. All he wants to do is walk...all day...holding my finger and leading me around and around and around the house. I am glad all of this "practice" is giving him confidence, but it is nerve wracking. I will leave him at the play kitchen and I turn around to see him "running" across the kitchen wildly careening towards the corner of the table. I drop whatever I am doing and dash over to save him before he gouges his eye out.... I am rethinking the purchase of a toddler helmet...haha

My three zoo cuties...

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