Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ev's Big Day

We have had SO much fun celebrating Everett's Birthday. On the 7th we went to petco to visit his favorite kitty friends and to the McDonalds play area where Ev LOVES to play. After his favorite dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, we made muffins and sang.

What a super sweet sissy!

And a super sweet Ev to share his muffin with me!

Then on Saturday we had a camping party with all of our family and friends.

It was difficult to keep Ev off of the treats until our guests arrived.

We had a camera issue and someone (Not me) thought he was recording the singing, but wasn't. So here are the after shots.

Even Santa made an appearance

and left a basket of candy canes and a sweet message for Everett. (Big thanks to Uncle Mike and Aunt Courtney)

The tent in the middle of the dark living room paired with the flashlights was big entertainment!

His mouth was stuffed with chocolate covered pretzels pretty much the whole night!

Everett FINALLY really started talking a few months ago. Some of his cutest phrases:

bappa duce= apple juice
pime= climb
hontas=Pocahontas (a fave movie)

He will not say yes...ever. Just "mmm hmmm." It is so stinkin cute.

He counted to eight the other night too! Much to our shock and amazement. I haven't heard him count at all before.

At his well check he weighed in at 28 pounds and 3 feet tall. That is the 90% for height and 70% for weight. Who does this kid belong to?

Everett is a whirlwind of excitement, laughter, screams, and roughhousing. He is a total boy and if anyone gets in his way he just runs them over. Everyone we meet says, "Wow, you have your hands full!" Yes, yes I do but boy is it fun!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Everett!

My beautiful, cuddly, smiley baby is now a full on toddler. How fast two years have flown by. I can so vividly remember the day you were born!

After that it gets a little fuzzy in a blur of sleepless nights, feedings, and chasing a 20 month Holden.

You are such a sweet and energetic piece of our family and we wouldn't be complete without you.

You are an angel and we all love you so very much!


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