Thursday, October 15, 2009

Best Day Ever!

Just when I think my little angels are trying to kill me so they can take over, they astound me with a beautiful day.

Yesterday morning Ev and Holden entertained themselves with Dora and toys in the loft for 45 minutes while I drank coffee and got myself ready for the day. No screams, pulling hair, accidents...nothing! That hasn't happened in like...ever. We loaded up to run a ton of errands for our weekend in Estes Park. We went to the grocery store and Holden declared she would "not be riding in the cart today!" Uh oh, I was expecting a disaster. However, she walked next to the cart, helped me grab items, and was pretty much a delight. She chose an apple when we arrived and that kept her busy for most of the trip.We must have been in there for 45 minutes and it was pleasant and relaxing. Ev was happy as long as I kept the snacks plentiful. Then we went to the liquor store and the drug store and they were happy to smile at strangers and be their cute and charming selves.

Things were going so well, I decided to tempt fate and went to grab a cup of coffee. I know, I must be crazy, but it was awesome. They munched graham crackers and played peek a boo while I sipped coffee for a few minutes. These days keep me going, and help me remember the tough days will pass and are completely worth it!

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