Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Estes Park I love Estes Park in the fall.

What a treat to get back up there every year around our anniversary. Last year, Courtney watched Holden while Ian and I (VERY preggo I might add) spent a cozy weekend in a creek side cabin at Glacier Lodge. This year was a little bit different, we rented a 5 bedroom house with 6 adults and five kids (under the age of 3). Lucky for them they are all super cute and charming! We were all so excited for a little get away and we miss our COS friends so much. It was a great chance to relax and get together.

Here are our star players...and my favorite kids in the world!





John Thomas

I should say five and 3/4 kids...Nichole is ready to pop any day now with baby Troy.

The house was huge and had a great circular pathway and patio for the girls to run lap after lap.

The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm. We all went over to the Stanley hotel for a little sightseeing. The highlight was the waterfall and pond. Holden and Emily were convinced if they looked hard enough they would find some fish...didn't happen And luckily no one fell in either!

I scored some lovin from Holden ...

before it all went to hell.

How cute is this shot of the girls walking back to the car after the hotel??!!!

Our house was on the YMCA campus and they had a great little playground for the kids.

Saturday night we fed the kids early and decided we (the adults-we are in charge, right?) needed a peaceful grown up dinner. So we put the boys to bed, turned on Nemo, and parked the girls on the couch with their blankies and juice. We had some wine and delicious lasagna and talked. It was luxurious!

Awww you may say. How sweet to see the little darlings cuddling and being sweet. I would have said the same thing yesterday. However, as a result of the shared blankets, pillows, chewie giraffes, spoons, and cups 2 of our little darlings have hand, foot, and mouth disease! YUCK!

Poor Emily got it and we have been fine for a few days. I thought, by some miracle, we had escaped. And then, Holden woke up from her nap today with a fever. She acted fine all afternoon. This evening she was quietly looking at books while I did school work, when all of a sudden she let out a blood curdling scream...."MY MOUTH HURTS!!!!!" She proceeded to cry for the next 45 minutes as if she was experiencing a slow torturous death. She even refused chocolate milk and's bad.

I sure can't wait for tomorrow! Ian is out of town, but lucky him, he gets back tomorrow afternoon. And lucky me, I have tickets to see Wicked and I will be out of here at 5 and he will have to get them fed and to bed. Normally a pretty easy job, but I am scared of what it will look like tomorrow night!

So far Ev is ok, but I can't imagine how he would come through this unscathed.

Nichole did and awesome job taking tons of pics-THANKS! Here are all the rest

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