Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Steps

No, Everett is growing fast, but not that fast! I am putting together a slide show of Holden's second year and came across a video of the day after she took her first steps. It's kind of dark, but it's all we've got. I can't believe that was only a year ago. She looks so tiny and hairless! I can't wait for more of these amazing firsts with Everett.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Holden's Second Year

Last year it took me 6 months to do this, but I am on the ball now! The hardest part was deciding on music. Cheers, Stevie!
Here is a photo montage of Holden's second year. It has been exciting! Learning how to walk and use a fork, going potty (yay), counting to ten, talking up a storm and having an opinion about everything, traveling to Pennsylvania and Indiana, going under water and blowing bubbles in swin class, moving into a big girl bed, going down the slide on her own, and becoming a big sister.

What a year it's been for all of us....enjoy!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sooo, Holden loves Dora. It is a mild obsession. Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kasandra really came through this year with a Dora car and bedding. As you can see Holden has taken to making out with the blanket.

I already miss having Pop here to hold Everett all day- he is cranky when I put him down because he was so spoiled for the long visit!

Earth Hour and Oh Yeah...We're Moving

As Ian was scrubbing the kitchen floor tonight (don't feel bad for him, I was scrubbing the fireplace), getting ready for our home photographer tomorrow, he reminded me that at 8:30 we needed to turn off the lights for Earth Hour. This was not in my packing, cleaning, organizing plan, but what the heck. We shut down and poured 2 glasses of wine. It was great. We should do this every week. Without the distractions of TV, computer, and moving we could actually talk and relax for the first time in weeks. I guess once we are settled back in Denver we will have an opportunity to relax again!
And yes, it's true, we are heading back up to Denver. I have such mixed feelings. I am excited to find a new, and hopefully better house, to be closer to Casey and Courtney and all of our old pals, to go to Rockies games on beautiful summer evenings, and to have the museums for the kids. But, I am so very sad to be leaving the Springs. I have lived here longer than I lived in Denver. I remember our time in Denver fondly, but that was our crazy single time.
The Springs is where we built our family and our close network of parent friends whom we consider family. I know, I know, I will meet new mommy friends and have a chance to spend more time with my Denver pals, but I am still depressed. Who will rescue me at 7:30 on Tuesday morning when I am already losing my mind with Holden's antics, who will come over with Chic-Fil-A when I need a pick me up, who will be there on Thursday afternoon to babysit at a moments notice? How will I find friends who love my children like their own? Who instinctively know how to handle them, discipline them, and celebrate their successes with them? Everyone keeps telling me I will find people, but it doesn't make leaving Helen and Nichole, Julia and Emmy, the future John Thomas and Baby X, and our adopted grandparents, Ron and Joyce any easier.
So for now I will pout and be scared and sad. Luckily, I have this house and the fun cleaning and packing to keep me busy and my mind off the day when we drive away from Amsterdam Drive to our new life in Denver.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Holden!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Holden's big second birthday. My mom, Mimi, and Pop-Pop came out to Colorado to help us celebrate. Luckily, Holden did not get sick and have her party canceled this year.

Holden requested a farm theme, well after I decided against Dora anyway. So we had farm animal cupcakes, cake, and cookies.

Holden, Chase, Julia, Braeden, and Lexie played so well together. Holden tried to smother each one with hugs and kisses. I think Chase was the only one who escaped her clutches.

All the kids had little cowboy hats and got to play in the soil and plant vegetable and flower seeds. I imagine we will have sunflowers and zucchini plants popping up all of our yard this spring. There was much more playing than planting!
The pig pinata was hilarious, the kids had no idea what to do when all of the goodies fell out. They were all pretty excited when they found sunglasses, whistles and bubbles, and especially when the parents opened the lollipops.

The singing seemed to be Holden's favorite birthday activity. We sang to her Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and let her blow out candles and eat a cupcake. She heard someone on T.V. say birthday and she started screaming, "CAKE!" and chasing me around the house demanding cake. We created a monster.

Holden was so happy and sweet the whole day. She had so much fun having all of her friends here to play with all afternoon. We missed one of her best girls Emily, but they will make up for it all this week! Here is the link to a few more birthday pictures http://picasaweb.google.com/KimHanou/2009Mrch23?authkey=Gv1sRgCJ3JzbHR7e-Q1gE#


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