Monday, October 26, 2009


Well, it has been four days without food and minimum liquids and Holden needed an IV last night because she was dehydrated. She handled the 6 hour ordeal pretty well. We also got some Tylenol with codeine, which helped her sleep. Thank God! Of course she still is not eating today, but I think she may have drank a little more.

Last night a the hospital the Doctor said she has seen thousands of kids with Hand, Foot, and Mouth and Holden is worse that 99.9% of them. Great. So they gave her a giant Care Bear. Then, she was the lucky 1,000 patient of the month in their emergency children's clinic, that has never happened before. Great. She got a stuffed bunny.

We were at the grocery store this morning buying Horizon Farms strawberry milk in drink box sizes. It is the ONLY thing she will drink. As we were walking through the bakery she grabbed a pack of chocolate Halloween cupcakes. With lots of icing and goop on them. She cried until I took one out of the pack and gave it to her. She carried it through the store and held it in the car. Well, she has been staring at it for 2 hours now. It is completely pathetic. She had me cut it into bite size pieces and put the plate on the kitchen table. She is sitting in front of it with her chin resting on the table just staring longingly.

Today, the Doctor said no big deal if she isn't eating. I asked, "how long is it no big deal?" "Well, she is fine for at least a week..." Are you kidding me??? She already lost 2 pounds and when you only weigh 27 pounds that's a lot! Anyway, they said if she doesn't eat by Thursday I should bring her back.

Anyway, Ian has been in Nashville and Jess and Courtney saved my life yesterday by taking care of Ev while I was in the hospital with Holden. My saviors, really. Ian will be home tonight to join back in the fun here at home.

She has to get better at some point...right?!?!

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