Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

What a fun and easy Halloween we had! A laid back day with two happy and healthy kids!

Holden and Everett spent some time cooking dinner for us.

The snow fairy had fun playing outside all afternoon with the knight in shining armor (our neighbor, Zander).

Holden also decided it was much easier to eat our candy than to walk around and knock on other people's doors.

She did finally go to a few houses with our neighbor, Abby. But mostly the girls took turns going to each other's front porches and sharing tons of candy. Holden would get so preoccupied with one piece of candy, she couldn't focus on going to more doors to get more. She just wanted her one lollipop and was good. Until she finished it, and then she wanted Skittles, and then chocolate. UGH.

Everett was a very cooperative and jolly puppy dog. He hung out with Ian giving out candy. Although, we got bombarded and ran out within an hour. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I know the kids had fun, but I feel ripped off. Holden was supposed to score tons of candy and I was supposed to be able to steal it without her realizing it. She got like 3 tootsie rolls and a pencil, bummer. Luckily, I hid away a small bowl of our candy for just such an emergency! I am off to eat some peanut butter cups and watch the Phillies win game 3!!


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