Friday, December 16, 2011

Everett's Party

The party was last Saturday and after his crying fit when 5 of us sang Happy Birthday to Everett, we were a bit nervous about what a big party would do to him. We tried to keep it as small as possible and I really think it worked, he had a BLAST!

We had a train theme-surprise, surprise. I made a big felt train for the kids to play with, take apart, and put back together.

The goodie bags were in an old suitcase and everyone got a conductor hat and train whistle.

I also got super sappy and printed out about 50 photos of Everett and strung them as banners all over the house (they are still up-he is too cute to take down).

I used Nichole's train puzzle cake cupcake kit and made a cute cake.

The table was covered with black paper and we drew trains with between eating of course.

So no singing was allowed and everything went smoothly. Jeeze, Ev is Mr. Sensitive! 

We {heart} you buddy!

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  1. OMG I love the idea of the photos! I am definitely doing this for Luci's second bday!



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