Saturday, October 24, 2009


Holden is in full blown crisis mode. She has the worst case of hand, foot, and mouth I have ever heard of. I think she ate a goldfish cracker on Thursday morning and nothing since. ...yeah it's Saturday at 6:52 p.m. She drinks a milk box twice a day and that's it. Everyone is trying to be so helpful, "get popsicles, pudding, jello..." If only she would unclench her teeth, those ideas might work. However, her jaw is locked with a constant stream of drool (I guess it hurts too much to swallow). Her fever is unrelenting and we have to hold her down and inject her tylenol and motrin with a syringe.

The sleeping situation has been just as difficult. This is the baby who did not sleep for nine months, then, thanks to Dr. Ferber she turned into a sleeping princess. We have not had one night time peep from this child in 2 years. We are now paying. She will not sleep unless one of us is laying with her, and even then she awakens every hour to cry out in pain. Last night it took us from 8-11:30 to get her to sleep.

Let me set the scene, she hasn't unclenched her teeth in three days and her mouth is littered with puss filled blisters that are beginning to pop, obviously she will not allow us to brush her imagine the smell! UGHHHHH She did allow us to make her a very bubbly bubble bath and she is in there right now, playing silently by herself. At least her body won't stink!

Anyway, the Dr on Thursday told me that she should be getting better in 1-2 days...and she better be acting more normal tomorrow or I am going back for a refund.

Now here is the really exciting news, he Dr also told me, on Thursday, that if Everett was not showing signs by now he would not get it. HMMMMM, Prior to his afternoon nap I discovered bumps on his but, "Diaper rash" I tried to convince myself while fighting back tears. Then as I was getting him into his crib, I found a blister on his hand.

And there you have it, they story of how I ended up in the asylum....

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  1. Kimmie, Holden will get better soon. I know it is difficult for all of you. I'm hoping the tylenol with codeine helps H and that Ev doesn't get such a bad case. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.



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