Monday, October 12, 2009

Message to Holden

Dear Holden,

There is nothing in the world I love more than watching you and Everett together. You make each other smile and seeing you two grow closer is an amazing experience. You can be so sweet to your little brother! You call him "little guy" and rub his hair. You tickle his belly and blow raspberries to make him giggle. You pick up his toys and hand them back to him when he drops them. You share your graham crackers when he is hungry. You do dances and sing songs to keep him entertained and laughing while I change his diapers. You beam with pride when meeting new people and introduce "my brother, ev-e."

However, life isn't all giggles and kisses and one day your brother will begin fighting back. Here are a few items I want us to all remember when he finally hauls off and socks you.

1. Yesterday, while Ev was laying on the floor watching you in awe, you stood up, picked up the Little People Farm (hard plastic, weighs about 6 pounds) and dropped it onto his stomach.

2. Last night at dinner, you walked over to his high chair and handed him a cheerio. While he used one hand to put it into his mouth you grabbed his thumb and bit him. You left marks, big ones.

3. Today he was precariously balanced on the Dora ride on car when you pushed him and the car over, onto the hardwood floor.

Now, I know you are only 2 1/2 and I KNOW you love your little brother, but he will grow up, he will learn to walk on his own, and he will learn to fight back. I just wanted to take this opportunity to warn you!
xo Mommy

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