Monday, August 15, 2011

Road Trip 2011- Part 2- Missoula

Back in the car and on our way to Missoula. I think we only had to pull over 4 times in a 3 hour trip to let Everett try to pee. Potty training on a road trip is not much fun. But we brought the little potty and Mr. Man was not too proud to use it on the side of the road in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

Holden used the facilities as well, but preferred fewer photos.

We spent Monday and Tuesday nights with Uncle Tom and had a blast running in his open fields, picking his raspberries and apricots, and rolling around with the dogs.

We took a little hike on Tuesday morning and discovered a new delight, huckleberries.  They were ALL over the trail and I wish I had a big bucket to collect them because they were delicious. Kind of like blueberries, but super sweet.

We definitely had a few pit stops to partake in the wild treat.

We also had a pit stop to teach Everett how to pee in the woods. It went smoothly, but later that night, he dropped trou in Toms yard and peed all over himself. I guess we need to practice with aim.

There were tons and tons of butterflies on the hike too.  They were almost pesty. like flies swarming around that you had to shoo away. 

And in case you were wondering, purple baby is STILL with us everywhere we go and for everything we do.

Ian is a champ for wearing that backpack and carrying our wimpy kids. Ev weighs like 40 pounds!

Tuesday afternoon we went down to the river and had no idea it was really a beach party. With a sandy beach, drinks, and pool toys. So we stripped the kids down and let them go for it.

There was lots of rock throwing and sandcastle building and we could have spent 5 hours there and the kids would have been happy.

Wednesday morning we packed up once again, said farewell to Tom, hit the Redbox for some new movies, and headed down to Big Sky for our last stop on this journey. Join us for part 3 in a few days, won't you?

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