Monday, October 26, 2009

Just when you think....

all hope is lost and life is a temporary mess, your ill daughter remembers how to speak and your son takes his FIRST STEPS!!!

Holden started talking this afternoon and is acting normal other than not eating. SUPER!!! She is drinking gallons of strawberry milk and I couldn't be happier. (I am eating the chocolate cupcakes-haha). Check out the pic from before the fluid intake....

Her mouth looked all weird like that for four days.

Everett waited until Ian got home and decided he was ready to walk. Not like one wobbly step at a time, but like eight or nine steps, practically running and over and over. He had done it 4 times and I finally ran and got the camera and he did it some more!

Ev is also enjoying more and more regular food. He is ready to be like 16 and eats almost as much as I do. Here he was having fun with some pasta. Do you think he could open his mouth any bigger?

Uncle Pete stopped in for a quick one night visit while he passed through Colorado...prior to Holden getting sick. He got to draw with her on the Magna Doodle.


P.S. Everett is wearing his amber teething necklace. Heard about it from some crunchy girls at a playgroup. It is AWESOME. He doesn't chew on it. The amber contains some miniscule amount of some chemical thatt seeps into his skin and acts as a natural pain reliever. After his first four teeth came in we were desperate for something and I figured this was worth a try. It is really working. He got another tooth and we did not hear a peep about it and we didn't have to use any meds at all.

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  1. He is the cutest little walker I have ever seen! Go Ev!!



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