Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Bare Necessities

Truth be told it has been a challenging past few weeks. My ankle debacle followed by a full week of stomach virus traveling through our house. I have definitely resorted to the TV a few too many times and now we are stuck again, dammit. I HATE the TV.

Actually, I love the TV and am prone to being sucked in to the
worst reality shows (Jersey Shore, I am ashamed to admit, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, 19 Kids and Counting-who am I kidding, I am ashamed to admit to the whole lot), cooking shows (Chopped and anything with my secret crush Bobby Flay), bad 80's movies (Overboard-my all time favorite bad 80's movie). Anyway, you get the picture I am like a hoarder except my vice is BAD TV. Luckily I am too busy to submit to my addiction very often and I can keep myself in check, somewhat.

Sadly, my children have inherited this trait tenfold. So after being allowed to watch more TV than usual they have become addicted....again. It's like their drug and every day it takes a few extra minutes to keep them content and happy. These past few weeks a Jungle Book mania has taken them both hostage. I am completely serious and not exaggerating when I say we have watched that movie about 37 times in the past 3 weeks. Thus, I am singing the songs in my sleep and everything at the zoo last Saturday was referred to in reference to The Jungle Book. "When will the bear dance, mommy?" "Will the elephants bugle like The Coloniel?" "Can I curl up with the snakes?"

Which leads me to my point of this entry. A video of Holden singing and dancing to The Bare Necessities.

We need to go cold turkey, I know it. But, I have about 60 ponds of assorted farmer's market booty I am trying to can and we are getting read for vacation and I have a lot to do. These little munchkins need to stay out of my hair. So....

#1 do it now and listen to the screams while I go about my daily chores or

#2 wait till vacation when mother nature will be the only entertainment we need?

I choose option #2. And Ev is just waking from his nap so I better cue Mowgli!

Quote of the Day

"Television. Teacher, mother, secret lover."

-Homer Simpson


  1. Too darn cute!.... Even better than, "Why are they going to seize him?"

  2. Sarah Johnson said...

    I dont know one Mother who doesnt use the TV as a "babysitter" at times. The ones that say they don't or didn't either blocked it out (because they are old) or are lying!! Those "perfect" mothers who did or do everything right and have the perfect kids because of it are full of it!! I go through feelings of guilt too, but then get over it, because the TV doesnt get stressed or sick at times....I do!! It is not like your kids are zombies staring at it 24-7!! They are probably like most kids who watch the first 10 min then play while it is on singing the songs and dancing. My girls usually watch a movie at night before bed and Dora in the morning.
    As for your show addictions!! When we had the DVR, I was addicted to "Rock of Love." Probably the trashiest reality show ever!! LOL

    September 29, 2010 3:56 PM

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  3. Em keeps making me play Holden's video over and over again. It is very, very cute!



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