Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well, it has been a busy few weeks, and we are so glad to be mostly unpacked in our new home. We have had a great welcome back to Denver from family and friends and are excited to do some of those fun things we were missing while living in the Springs.
Moving with an infant and a toddler is about as awful as you would imagine. We don't expect to do it again until they are strong enough to carry boxes! Holden is sleepng like a champ and loving her new house. Everett is not sleeping at all after two illnesses and we are back to square one with two to three hours of crying in the middle of the night. We are finally strong enough to tackle the issue and are praying that it improves in a few days.
Here are some pictures of our last few weeks

Grandma and Ev packing up the old house.

The morning the movers arrived.

Playing in the rain.

Our Memorial Day hike.

Ev is eating!!!

Playing with Chase.

Everett and his best buddy, John Thomas (Don't you think Ev looks like me as a baby?)

The whole crazy crew! Holden, Everett, John Thomas, Julia, and Emily

Hopefully, things can start settling down and get back to normal.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We are moved out of our place in the Springs and are temporarily here at Courtney and Mike's till we can get into our new house. Our Monday closing is still in limbo because our buyers did not have their funding in place-what fun!! Ha Ha As soon as their money is wired we can start moving in. I will be so relieved when our things are in the house and we are done with all of these shenanigans. Holden has a fever of 103.5, Everett has been sleeping about 5 hours a day, and we are all ready to get back to a normal life!

Still looking for suggestions for a new name for our blog!!!

Everett Reuss Remains Identified

Our little Everett was named after Everett Reuss, a traveler, writer, artist, and nature lover who wandered the desert southwest in the 1930's. He mysteriously disappeared and his been the subject of much speculation ever since. Courtney stumbled upon this article last week.

Then my mom found this article in the Navajo Times

Apparently there was a witness who saw Everett killed by three Ute native Americans. The witness buried Everett's body in a cave and didn't share his knowledge until many years later when he became ill and a medicine man told him it was because he improperly handled the body. He went back to give Everett a proper burial and apparently recovered. One of his relatives has tried to share this information for a few years and finally someone listened.

I have read so much from this amazing young man and truly believed he had fallen off a cliff or something. He was very close with many natives and respected their customs and ways. It made me so sad that the people he trusted and respected brutally murdered him. I am sure his family is relieved to finally know the truth.


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