Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ski School

It was supposed to be Holden's first day on the mountain, but Ev decided it would be his too!

What a day! we woke up and got all of our ski gear, snacks, drinks, and extra clothing packed and loaded. Then we got a text from Courtney that the Pass was closed (ugh, we were planning on A-Basin) and the weather and traffic were horrendous (love I-70). We really really really wanted to get to the mountains and Ian had the brilliant idea to check out El Dora. I had never been there, but t he trail map promised a great practice area for learners, and we did not have to go near I-70 so we decided to give it a shot.

Warmed up our coffee, closed the doors, turned the key, and NOTHING. UGH, my car was dead. I JUST got a new battery last month so ...ugh. We decided to take everything out of my car, including those darn car seats (unruly beasts) and packed it all into Ian's car. We jumped my car and drove it to the shop and finally headed to El Dora. It was snowing like a beast and was a bit blustery.

But, we would not be stopped! These kids were going to ski dammit! We got them dressed, got ourselves dressed, and trekked them over to the bunny slope. They were both wailing within 2 minutes, but these kids were going to ski dammit!

Ian broke his back on the "magic carpet."

But those two had a FUN ride down!

Everett was giving me fits while we waited down at the bottom. He was insistent on trying to jump on the "magic carpet" and kept yelling, "me, me!" So we took Off Holden's equipment and got him geared up!

Getting him to the base was fun.

Again, the wild ride up (In pink skis!)

And thrills on the way down!

Warm hugs from mommy!

Then off to the cozy lodge for pizza and fries!

Quote of the Day

Dexter Rutecki: "How do you ski?"

Gaper dude: "Shitty"

... From Aspen Extreme


  1. I am trying to learn french. I should channel Joey, see how my teach likes that! lol.

    Uh, so I think you are super, and have decided that you are worthy of this little gem. *you're welcome*


    you rock, socks.

  2. It is so coolthat Ev and H went skiing! You and Ian are awesome parents!



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