Thursday, January 20, 2011

And The Student Becomes The Master

We have had a major roll reversal around our house. Holden has evolved (overnight) into a 97% helpful, pleasant, caring, snuggly, agreeable, downright delightful little girl. It is a rarity when she gets scolded or earns a timeout. However, Everett has been observing and learning from big sis and he has successfully entered his "Terrible Two's."

Or should we call it a "difficult" phase. He is very physical, which has been both good and bad. He gives tons of hugs, and kisses, love and squeezes. On the other hand he spends much of his day tackling, jumping, kicking, pushing, hitting, and laying on us. He doesn't know his own strength and I fear for my safety every day (just kidding).

He likes to yell. Like really really loud at inappropriate times. In stores, during dinner, while I'm driving (and I almost crash). He screams as loud and violently as he can. His face turns red and the veins in his neck pop out. I think he likes how it feels or something. Sometimes it's because he is mad, but often times it is when he is happy and he thinks its just a fun thing to do.

He has learned he has an opinion and how to settle for nothing less than exactly what he wants. What and when to eat, drink, and get dressed. When he wants to lay down, he does it, like in the grocery parking lot. When he wants to tackle Holden he will not rest until she is taken down- one way or another, usually with tears and screaming.

"The Destructor" is trying to give me a heart attack. every single pillow and blanket is removed from every couch, chair and bed every morning. I make my bed, he tears everything off of it. Like down to the fitted sheet. Every bed, every day. I HATE making beds. this is ridiculous. Why does every couch cushion need to be on the floor? I have nowhere to sit.

Poor Holden is being so understanding.

She cannot build a block tower, complete a puzzle, read a book, sit under a blanket, or rest her head on a pillow without falling under the wrath of "The Destructor."

I have to say, watching Holden's transformation into a real live person has been a joy. It also gives me hope that one day Everett will join our ranks and become a a"normal" person. He is lucky he is so darn cute!

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  1. Haha...Cute wears off after a while.



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