Friday, January 7, 2011

The Magic Garden

On Christmas morning my mom presented me with the best gift ever! As I pulled the dvd from a gift bag I almost cried with happiness. THE MAGIC GARDEN!!!!! My favorite Children's show from my toddlerhood. I mean, I LOVED this show. It was a regional show out of NYC so many of my friends out here in Colorado have no idea what they were missing.

This is completely low budget and kinda trippy. The hippie, guitar playing, pigtail and bell bottom wearing girls are sweet as pie. They sing old classics and original songs while the "chuckle patch" offers up jokes, the magic tree gives surprises every day, Sherlock the pink squirrel causes trouble, and the story box lures us in with disguises to supplement their storytelling.

I had doubts that my hip kids who love Dora, Pixar animation, and the excitement of Cyberchase would go for this simple and sweet entertainment. Holden was hooked in an instant!
This morning, I presented Everett with the HUGE dvd drawer and told him to choose what he would like to watch. I watched his eyes inspect the cover of the now beloved Magic Garden box and secretly hoped he would choose it. While Holden has already declared her devotion to Paula and Carol, Ev has not been as excited to watch the folksy show. But, this morning my dream came true. He grabbed it and said , "this one!" He pointed and poked at it furiously until I got it started. As I sit here typing, he has his nose glued to the tv and is kissing Sherlock the pink squirrel. AWESOME!

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  1. searching high & low for this DVD... could I please pay you to sell me your copy or burn me a set?
    thank you!
    brooklyngirl aaaatttt brooklyngirl dooooot com
    ps please erase this after you read it to keep the bots away from my email



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