Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Tale of Two Christmases

I know, it has been FOREVER since I've posted! We were so busy with the Hanou Christmas, Ev's birthday, our trip to Pennsylvania, Christmas and New Year's....that it is too much to write about everything. Here is the highlight reel....

Frank, Marsha, Great Grandpa, Sev, Colleen, and Uncle Tom all came to Colorado to celebrate an early Christmas. We were too busy having fun and forgot to take many pics. We had pretend Christmas eve at our house on Friday night and Holden enjoyed helping everyone open their presents!

On Sataurday we headed to the Botanic Gardens to enjoy the beautiful lights. It was super cold and super crowded. It was amazing. We even tried the 3-d glasses which turned all of the lights into tiny little snowmen! It was fun for for twenty minutes, then the kids freaked out and it wasn't so fun till we got back to Casey and Rob's for Oma's famous meatballs!

Then on Sunday, we pretended it was Christmas and watched football and ate chili at Courtney and Mike's. Holden was very proud to give Great Grandpa his present.

We TRIED to get a good family pic....

oh well

Since we had the date of our trip to Pennsylvania wrong (it's still up for debate as to who is at fault...) we got to attend Holden's Holiday program. She was front and center, singing so loud, and doing all the movements. Here is a clip for your enjoyment!

Then we headed to PA for another Christmas celebration with my family. We had 11 days to spend with tons of family and lots of my high school friends and their kids. Mostly we were REALLY excited to get our hands on my nephew, Blake.

He is scrumptious!

He is 9 months old now and Holden is completely enamored with him.

Ev was super excited for his new truck from Grandpa!

My Christmas eve cuties in their new Christmas PJ"s

Christmas morning brought lots of fun gifts including a Buzz Lightyear

And the "princess makeup" Holden has been asking Santa for for the last 3 months.

Even though he had a nap, Ev could not handle all of the Christmas excitement.

Here are ALL of the pics

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