Saturday, April 3, 2010

Visit with mimi

We had a great visit with my mom (Mimi) a few weeks ago. While the kids were crazy, energetic, and mommy needy, and she went home exhausted, I think she enjoyed herself!

We headed off to Buena Vista and our friend's beautiful cabin. There was lots of snow on the ground, but it was sunny and warm. We spent some quality time in the hot tub

and walking around so Holden could follow zebra footprints.

We also had a beautiful morning to visit the zoo. And the kids were mesmerized with the giant sea turtles.

Everett is in an ultra mommy phase and I don't think me mom even held him once. It is awful! If me or Ian is around no one else can hold him. He wines and cries for me to hold him ALL DAY? Everyone keeps telling me it's a phase, but I am beginning to wonder if I will have to go to kindergarten with him! If it is a phase, how long will it last? I am not sure how much longer I can take it!

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