Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Little Girl

Three....really? How did this happen. Holden is a little lady who is ultra independent, beautiful, brilliant, and outspoken. She makes me laugh a least twenty times a day with her amazing sense of humor and when she crushes me with hugs and says, "I love you SO much my mommy!"I could crumble.

Our pretty princess had a royal birthday party with her friends and family. Grandma, Opa, Great Grandpa, Uncle Severin, Aunt Colleen, Uncle Tom, and Sue all came out for a long weekend and it was a BIG party! The kids had some wonderful family time and loved having so much love and attention!

The girls were dressed up like princesses and the boys had swords and helped demolish the castle that took 6 people over an hour to assemble!

Everett and Allie had fun playing together and "sharing" (fighting over) toys.

Holden is definitely my daughter. She likes sweets, cupcakes, cake, and junk food. When Ian took her out to pick out a Valentines Day treat, I asked her what she would like. She thought for about 7 seconds and replied, "cake....chocolate cake." Well here she is with her birthday cupcake feast.

We took Holden to Toys R Us on her birthday and let her pick out a toy. We left with a stuffed My Little Pony. It plays music, wears a diaper, and drinks from a bottle. Holden also received a few tutus which are ALWAYS fun, a case of princess shoes (which Ev is trying to wear!), and a Baby Alive (who wets her diaper...thanks Aunt Kasandra-haha), and two awesome chairs handmade by friend Nichole's father.

While three is fun because we can do so much more fun activities with Holden and I love watching her learn so much, it has also brought fun door slamming, tantrums, and tears EVERY time I say no to her. She is lucky she is so cute and loving most of the time!

PS Thanks as always to my talented friend Nichole for some beautiful photos!

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  1. I love the whole "princess" concept! It looks like great fun. I have been waiting to see these birthday pictures. I love the "cupcake photo collage" Ev certainly is growing.



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