Sunday, April 4, 2010

Everett Ruess pops up in the news again!

Last year National Geographic Adventure magazine (April/May, 2009) reported that scientists had discovered the remains of Everett Ruess on Comb Ridge on the Navajo nation in Utah. However, the Denver Post (October 22, 2009) reported new evidence contradicting the previous findings.

Utah State Archaeologists recommended the Ruess family get a second opinion and they sent off the remains to the Armed Forces Forensics Laboratory who determined the remains are not related to Everett's closest living relatives. So the mystery lives on...

"...while I am alive, I intend to live."
-Everett Ruess

A few weeks ago a new species of dinosaur was found in Utah and it was named after Everett Ruess!


Seiiatd is derived from the dine (Navajo) word for a desert sand monster that swallowed it's victims in sand dunes and

Ruessi after our man Everett

The plant eating dinosaur was discovered on Comb Ridge (where those mysterious remains were found).

HHMMMM Maybe Everett was swallowed by the sand-desert monster????

Seriously, it is always nice to go back to this amazing young man and get into his head and see the beauty and fulfillment he found in his short and eventful life.

"Say that I starved, that I was lost and
weary, that I
was burned and blinded
by the desert sun, footsore,
sick with strange diseases, lonely, and
and cold, but that I kept my dream!"
-Everett Ruess

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