Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yellow *!*!*! Shoes

These disgusting yellow shoes are my arch enemy.

When we were in D.C. in May, we stayed with Ian's high school friend, Steve and his family. Steve's generous wife, Emy, gave Holden a bunch of cute clothes and shoes their daughter had grown out of. One of the items is these yellow shoes.

Holden likes them.

Holden REALLY likes them.

Holden is possibly more attached to them than she is to purple baby and that is no exaggeration.

She wears them everywhere, all the time. EVERYWHERE (to bed) ALL THE TIME (park, pool, hiking).

Reasons I HATE the yellow shoes.

#1 They don't really fit and H trips and falls in them at the most inopportune moments. Like in the middle of a busy street while we are crossing and holding up traffic.

#2 They are really dirty, because she has worn them every single day for almost three months straight.

#3 They smell, because she has worn them every single day for almost three months straight, with no socks, even all night in bed, seriously.

#4 She refuses to wear her regular cute shoes, and I am ticked that we wasted our money on them.

#5 Since she adores them so much, so does Everett. He tries to sneak them away from her just to torment and taunt her and watch her flip out. They cause much screaming in our house.

Now, lets discuss the rest of Holden's outfit for a moment.

The pink headband, given to her by Braeden one month ago. She wears it every day, all the time, even to bed. The pink bracelet, given to her by Eleanor at the library in Indiana. It hasn't left her arm since she received it.

Are you noticing a pattern?

She also has about 5 articles of clothing she wants to wear ALL the time. That pink tanktop is one of them. She will only wear, "my beautiful things." Which I think means they need to be pink, frilly, or twirly. I put(forced) capri khakis one her to go to the park the other day. She screamed and cried that she, "looked like a brother." I think she meant she looked like a boy since the pants were not 'beautiful."

So, I am even further ticked that she refuses to wear the adorable summer clothing I purchased for her. Someone else is getting some damn good hand me downs from this summer! I have bought her three things for winter, they are all pink, flowery, and supremely, nauseatingly girlie.

UGH, my independent princess gives me a run for my money. But at the heart of it all, I LOVE her independence, opinionated ways, and belief in herself!!!


  1. I love that child! How did we all end up with such strong girls??

  2. Ha Hs guess what? At Target yesterday, I bought her red sparkly ruby slipper shoes. She told me she is going to wear them all the time and she wants to give the yellow ones to Emily! No Kidding!



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