Saturday, June 12, 2010

To Sew?

While I am not a super traditional person, there are some things that are important to me. Like, my mom only ever cooked homemade food. No Spaghettios, jarred pasta sauce, cake from a box, etc. Looking back, I appreciate her effort and cannot imagine how she did it working two jobs as a single parent. In turn, I now usually cook homemade food. However, there are a few boxes of Annie's Mac-n-Chz in my pantry and my freezer has seen a Stouffer's lasagna box once or twice.

Essentially, in my book anyway, there are just some things a mom is supposed to know how to do. I am not saying we should all be June Cleaver, but we should have one or two classic mommy skills. For example, a couple of years back I went on a quest... an arduous journey if you will, to create the perfect cut out sugar cookie. I felt like I needed one cookie specialty I could bring to parties and school functions in the future. Well, it took forever, but I did it.

Now that school is almost over (yay, 2 weeks
till my masters degree!!) I will be needing something to occupy my time. There are millions of things I would love to be able to do, knit or crochet, take beautiful photographs, go to cooking school. But I finally narrowed it down to sewing. I want to learn to sew. Last year I got an itch, went out and bought a sewing machine, thread, needles, patterns, and went to town trying to teach myself. Needless to say, everything from seventh grade Home-Ec DID NOT come back to me. I have mended a few diapers but that is about as far as I ever got.

Basic Sewing 101 here I come. With Courtney and my pal Amy. We will be taking a class together and I have been assured I will learn how to complete basic sewing tasks and learn how to sew a ruffle (hee hee).

Here is what I am dreaming of creating......

Ruffle Lamp Shade

Tank Top

Bike Bucket

Coffee Cup Holder

Flower Corsage

Reusable Snack and Lunch Bags

Tee Shirt Aprons

Flower Pillow

Ruffle Tee Shirt Scarf

Ruffle Butt Baby Capri Pants

Fruit Salad Hats

Fuzzy Caterpillars

I have found a couple of fabulous creative blogs with sewing tutorials and lots of other do it yourself crafty projects I will be sure to try out over the coming months. I will be sure to share my creations, the directions, and the cool blogs where I found them. For now, I will dream of that ruffle lamp shade on my bedside lamp one day.

Quote of the Day

Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction
-Pablo Picaso

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