Monday, June 28, 2010

2nd Worst Camping Trip Ever

I will preface the story with this....

We checked the tent poles!

Which is why this is the second worst camping trip and not the first. I have been DYING to get out and camp. We finally found a free weekend and some nice weather and drove 1 1/2 hours to Brainard Lake, just outside of Nederland Colorado

My first question is this, how did Ian and I end up with two children who hate the car? Before kids, we loved road trips and long driving adventures cross country. Both of these children have an intense aversion to the car. Forget cross country, we can't drive for more than twenty minutes without someone screaming, yelling, crying, demanding lollipops and treats, kids music and Finding Nemo, chocolate milk and juice boxes. So as we hit the road on Friday at 4:15 we were not optimistic about the ride when Ev started crying and screaming before we got out of our neighborhood. The screaming continued the entire drive. We did a lot of singing Old McDonald and Wheels on the Bus and a lot of lollipop eating in order to curb the misery but nothing worked.

However, when we arrived the sky opened up and the light shone down on us. We found a great camp site and the kids ran around digging in the dirt and exploring close by while Ian and I set up. They were completely entertained with the forest and our first big camp out!

We ate dinner and basked in the glow of camping with our children. It was nice (for a couple of hours) to share this big part of our before kid life with our own kids who are a the ages to kinda get it and have fun.

We were ready for the bedtime challenge. We brought the Pack-N-play for Everett to sleep in. I thought if we sing and rock him into a DEEP sleep one of us could get him in there without him waking up and we would be golden for at least five or six hours. Well, apparently Ev had other plans. The tent was WAY too exciting for any sleeping to be had. He wouldn't sit still for one minute. He jumped out my arms repeatedly when I tried singing and rocking. He grabbed and scratched the fun and shiny tent fabric every chance he found. He rolled around on the pillows and sleeping bags in complete bliss while a tear rolled down my cheek and the realization hit....

we will not be getting any sleep tonight

I think Ev slept for a total of 2 to 3 hours in 5-10 minute chunks throughout the night. Ian and I took turns trying to settle him. Holden slept through most of it, but she did get pretty cranky and yell at all of us a few times. Finally at 5, Ian got up with Ev and let me sleep with H till 6:30. Then we switched and H and Ian slept till about 8 when we all got ready for our day. No one was all that happy to be awake.

Eventually, Everett passed out on Ian and slept for maybe an hour.

We finally got our acts together around 10 and loaded our two tired babes into backpacks and went on a very nice and peaceful short hike. Lunch went smoothly, but when our afternoon nap time went as well as bedtime, we decided another night was not in our cards. We packed up and came home early. Oh well, there is always next year right?

We are hoping that when Ev learns to sleep in a bed he will have an easier transition to tent sleeping and his will get easier. I just don't think Ian and I are ready to give this up!

Quote of the Day

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin"
-Shakespeare, Trollus and Cressida


  1. Just remember, "These are the good old days!"



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