Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nanny 911

Somehow, this weekend has become a behavior boot camp for my children. I had a minor mommy meltdown on Friday night.

Holden has been getting more and more disagreeable, defiant, and independent. She can be so sweet and amazing then she turns into a mini monster having tantrums and yelling over tiny little mishaps. Like, I brought her the pink spoon instead of the Tinkerbell spoon or Everett is touching her bookcase and she doesn't want him to. It is fairly ridiculous.

Little Everett is also becoming independent and practicing fun activities like pushing Holden down to the ground, stealing Purple Baby, and pulling her hair.

Then there are the things that I KNOW are my fault and are just really bugging me. They watch too much TV, eat too many lollipops (again with those damn lollipops!), and scream at me.

So I went into research mode and have spent the past day reading articles and advice columns all over the internet. While, I know I am not a horrible mom, I am the one who spends the most time with these children and feel responsible for many of these behaviors. Luckily, I have the most supportive husband in the universe who keeps telling me I am great and is willing to support my behavior boot camp weekend!

So, new rules hit town today. Lollipops...GONE. Maybe in two months they will come back out for special occasions, but for now they no longer exist. TV- strictly limited. Now, these two acts on their own are sure to cause whining, screams, and throwing of oneself onto the floor from both H and E. It is really just a matter of not letting them win. Having the patience to let them have their fits and show them that nothing will come of it. "You can come talk to me when you are ready to be nice."

Mr. Everett will be introduced to time-out when he is being hurtful. Holden can scream her head off in her room if she wants, but I don't need to be involved. Maybe they will learn that this silliness will get them nowhere!

I have thrown in the towel on trying to keep my beautiful daughter from leaving the house looking like a mental patient. Is a clothing mismatch worth ruining our morning-not really. So mom has conceded to let little Miss Independent BE independent more often. A typical summer outfit consists of a snow hat, sunglasses, one shirt, two dresses, and three skirts. As you can imagine nothing matches and most doesn't fit. However, today she dragged her step stool over to Everett's closet and informed us she would be choosing his clothing too....ahem? No, I put my foot down. I still have some control around here and he has some really cute clothing! Ha Ha-Anyway, she let it slide.

Holden now has a "Good Girl" sticker reward chart. When we "catch" her being good, polite, generous, etc. we give her a sticker, which she places in one of the boxes. When the entire chart is filled up, she gets a special privilege. Guess what she wants first? "My daddy can take to climb a mountain with him" I could have died! Ian melted and she got him back on her side again!

Quote of the Day

The child supplies the power, but the parents have to do the steering.
- Benjamin Spock

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