Saturday, May 8, 2010


flying across the country with two toddlers is not really fun. It pretty much is the worst thing I have voluntarily done to myself.

We got to the airport and my suitcase weighed too much so I had to put all of the heavy stuff into a backpack. Therefore I had three bags, a double stroller, and two children to get onto the plane. Then there was a gigantic line at security and Everett screamed his head off for thirty minutes straight till we got through it. I mean screamed like I was tickling his feet with razor blades. Luckily, everyone was nice and a few ladies tried to help. We got to the gate and ran around for forty minutes till it was time to board. We got all settled, I fed the kids lunch, and just waited to take off and get them to sleep.

We sat on the runway for 1 1/2 hours because of high winds. I was all out of tricks by the time we finally took off. Everett was done with snacks, toys, and dvd's. He wanted to move. I finally got him to sleep on my lap and Holden needed a bathroom break. So, what to do? Off we three trotted to the bathroom, Everett woke up screaming, Holden peed all over herself, and I tried to get the situation under control with the three of us smashed in that tiny space. We got back to our seats (poor aisle passenger next to us...) and 7 minutes later Everett pooped and we went back to the bathoom. Now, you would think that one of the two female flight attendants relaxing with their People magazines would have at least asked me if they could help, hold a door open for me, something!?!? No, they watched me wrestle both kids into the bathroom again and as I was closing the door one of them smugly said, "there isn't a changing table in there." THANKS!!! So we moved across the aisle to the other bathroom and I took care of business. We visited the restroom three more times throughout our 4 1/2 hour flight (with no assistance from the delightful flight attendants). No sleeping and alot of jumping around, crying, and fussing was our entertainment.

A lovely older woman helped Holden off the plane and carried one of my bags. As we were exiting and saying goodbye to our friendly flight attendants, the three of them stared at me holding a screaming everett a backpack, and a suitcase, the pilot jumped out of his seat and grabbed my suitcase and walked it all the way down the jetway for me. Someone else helped assemble the stroller and we were off.

All I can say is....we got here...alive.


  1. Oh my gosh Kim! I don't envy you, you are a brave, brave woman. Remind me not to do that anytime soon. Hopefully it was worth it and you are having a nice trip!

  2. Wow! It was so awesome to see you and the kids. I didn't even HEAR this story. Sorry we missed seeing Ian....Daniel TOTALLY loved the trip to Chick Filet.



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