Thursday, May 27, 2010

Uh Oh

So, I have tons of stuff to post about my trip to Pennsylvania, my nephew, Blake, and Severin and Colleen's wedding, BUT there is a much bigger and more pressing event going on around here today.

I knowingly, nervously, and joyfully drove away from the pool without Purple Baby. I know, I know, worst mother in the universe. But, let me tell you....I am sick of that dirty rag. Sick, sick, sick. Holden leaves her in the most random the backyard kiddie pool , inside the seat of her tricycle she never rides and is hidden in our garage, and a rest stop in Maryland. I am glad she is becoming more independent and she doesn't need the baby 24/7, but this misplacing her ritual is getting old. We, suckers that we are, are the ones running around like maniacs looking for her while Holden stomps her feet and declares she will not go to bed, leave the house, or eat her lunch until we find her. I seriously spend 1 hour every day looking for that dumb thing.

We were all packed up and loaded in the car to go to the pool this morning and just as I was about to pull away, "Where is Purple Baby?!?!" UGH-So she and I get out of the car and spend ten minutes looking for her ALL over the house and finally we locate the little trickster and Holden hugs her with fierce intensity and true love. I mean it, she LOVES that thing. So we get to the pool meet Amy and Allie and have a great time playing, swimming, and eating lunch together. Then, it's time to leave and it takes me 30 minutes to gather our stuff, get us all dressed, and wrangle the kids out to the car. Again, as I am about to pull away, I realize, "Where the hell IS Purple Baby?!?!... Did h take her in?... I think so....Did I see her in the actual pool area?...Not so sure." So I instantly pick up the phone and called Ian to have a family meeting. I told him that I would rather eat dirt than drag us all back into APEX to search for that doll. He says, "Well, if you don't it is going to be a loooong night." And in my frustration I said to myself, "screw it" and I drove away!

Ha Ha Ha-I felt so reckless and then instant remorse as Holden wailed pathetically, "PPPuuuurrrppplllee BBBaaabbbyy!" So I called APEX and the girl a the desk sent housekeeping down to search the area. I felt optimistic since we had only just left and for sure no one else would want to steal that dirty old thing. H cried the whole way home and collapsed on the couch in tears. But, miraculously she came around, she went for her nap with no tears or mention of baby. She was carrying around a little Panda for a while this afternoon and about 45 minutes ago she picked up "Other Baby" and she seemed to fill in right where "Purple Baby" left off. When Ian came home from work, she didn't even mention it to him.

Bedtime is in approximately 67 1/2 minutes and that is where the real test will happen. I am feeling a bit hopeful, which may bite me later on. Am I terrible just abandoning my baby's most precious thing in the entire world? Will she be forever traumatized because of this premature and heartless break up?

I will update tomorrow!

Quote of the Day

Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do.
~Jean de la Bruyere

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  1. And now you've written this down on the great interwebs where in 10 years Holden will find it, and know the truth! Can't wait to hear how bedtime went and hope your big girl made do with other purple baby!



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