Monday, May 3, 2010


Ok...tomorrow is the day. I will be flying across the country with a one and three year old. I am so scared I am almost crying. If it weren't my spanking new shiny nephew I am not sure I would do this. Holden is good. She enjoys coloring and watching her dvd's. Honestly, she would love to sit and watch movies for hours if I would let her. It's Everett I am really concerned about. He doesn't really sit still. Even when he eats he runs around. I am praying he will sleep for a good portion of the flight. I am praying I don't lose him when he runs away from me in the airport (which I know he will do about 6 times).

Security could be tricky. I need two hands to fold up the stroller and load it on the scanner....hmmm those two hands are supposed to be holding my two kids. You do the math. I may go to Target in the morning and buy Ev a leash. I will freely admit that I judged those parents toting child leashes before I had kids, even when I was pregnant. How barbaric, treating your child like an animal. Well guess what? My child is an animal! Scout listens WAY better than he does! He seriously will not stand by my side. It is his mission in life to run, to be free, to practice his newly learned skills. I am cool with that when we are in our own house, but not on an airplane.

I am armed with LOTS of snacks, new movies, a charged dvd player, and about $100 worth of new toys.

All of that aside, we are very excited to visit my family and my new nephew. We will be heading down to DC for Severin and Colleen's wedding too! I have one flower girl and one ring bearer....should be interesting! Whatever happens, the trip will be well worth the drama and insanity of the traveling.

Quote of the Day

"Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life."

-Jack Kerouac

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