Friday, May 28, 2010


A perfect bedtime and peaceful night! We are completely shocked.

However, I thought this would be the first step towards independence, losing a lovey, and possibly losing the thumb sucking, that is not the case. "Other Baby" has officially been adopted and Holden has latched onto her wholeheartedly.

Oh well, at least this one is clean!

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  1. Holden will stop dragging "Other Baby" around when she is ready. My kids still have blankets from when they were little. They just don't use them! haha. One day all of a sudden, you will realize that she isn't carrying it around. I know Daniel told you the "Binky Fairy" story. The binky was slowly phased out to the "Binky Fairy". When they were two, they were only allowed to have the binky in bed. At three it went to the "Binky Fairy" for needy babies! lol



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