Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aunt Kim

I love being Aunt Kim! How can I be so in love with this child that is not mine and I hardly know?
I had the most wonderful time with Kevin, Kasandra, and Blake.

I got to steal him away all for myself for two nights, while Kev and Kas caught up on some much needed sleep. Now that my own kids are reliable sleepers, I didn't mind waking up for a couple of nighttime feedings. It truly is the most special time with a new baby. You are just too tired to really enjoy it with your own kids. When all is calm and quiet, you can hear every little gurgle and sigh, you close your eyes and inhale the unique smell of this baby...every baby smells a little different you know!

Holden was enamored with him and it was beautiful to watch her "help" with bottles, pacifiers, and burp cloths. I was playing with her in the kitchen and she heard him cry. She stopped and said, "Hold on Mommy, Blake needs me." I melted. She was not the most helpful sister to her brother when he was a wee one, so it was sweet to watch her dote on Blake.

Everett wasn't too concerned with him either way. I think he is anxiously awaiting the day they can cause trouble together!

We spent some great time with everyone! Crazy dinners with toddlers and screaming babies, a big Mother's Day picnic where we got to see lots of family, some quieter nights at Kas and Kevin's when my kids had sleepovers with Mimi, and an INSANE breakfast at my favorite diner.

The PA leg of our vacation was wonderful and I think everyone was mildly happy to see us go and get their normal quieter lives back! But I think they miss us already...too bad I am not getting back on a plane with my monsters for at least five years! Hee Hee

Quote of the Day
"A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on Earth, a link between angels and men."
-Martin Fraquhar Tupper

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