Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

Torrential downpores, thunderstorms, and tornado watches. That about sums up the weather since we arrived here on Sunday evening. It has been NONSTOP rain and sleet for 4 straight days. My ideal vacation did not include exploring Zion on the shuttle bus

and viewing (or not viewing as the case may be) the Bryce Amphitheater through an opaque fog.

Let's start at the beginning. 6:21 am on Sunday.

Our drive was perfect. Seriously. No crying or complaining, no potty or diaper accidents, and no vomiting! A complete success. Holden peed on the side of a highway for the first time and Ev had his diaper changed on the desert floor.

It was a total of 11 hours door to door, which isn't bad when you factor in our stop in Grand Junction to fix a flat tire!

This cabin is super cute with a big deck and table, which we have yet to use and nice swing where I could (possibly, if it stopped raining) sit and watch Scout chase wild turkeys and the kids build mud castles.

We thought the tv and wifi would be a bad thing, but since we don't have a covered canoe, they are both coming in handy.

We headed over to Zion on Monday and the rain did relent for brief periods and we got out of the car for a little while and the kids rock climbed,

threw rocks in the river,

and splashed in many mud puddles.

Tuesday, when we awoke to more rain, we decided to head over to Cedar City and look for some indoor fun for the kids. We first hit the Frontier Museum. It was fun to see the old wagons, farming equipment, and authentic cabins. The kids found a stray cat to chase, which provided them 30 minutes of entertainment while we read all of the information and explored the history of southwestern Utah.

Then off to Taco Time and an indoor play area for a lunch break. The adults were ready to go home, but Holden heard rumors of a jump castle and we just had to go. So off to Bounce insanity we went. It really was so much fun for the kids. They had never been to an ondoor bounce play place and they got out alot of energy. Ev even took a hit to the head from a boxing glove bigger than him, and he got right back up!

We woke up on Wednesday and it was actually raining more. We went to Bryce Canyon anyway, and spent A LOT of time in the visitor center and Ruby's Inn where we had a big cowboy lunch. Finally we gave up and drove in to Sunrise Point so Ian and my dad could run out in the rain for a brief glimpse of the canyon, and nothing. They couldn't see 5 feet in front of them. UGH

Here we ar back at the cabin, watching the Phillies game, sipping tea, and trying to entertain this kids, who are dying for some action.

Tomorrow my dad and Ian head out to Vegas, Ian has work for a couple of days and my dad is going to enjoy all the Blackjack he can handle. I will stay here with the munchkins and pray for some clear weather. I heard a rumor that it may only be cloudy at Zion on friady, but I am afraid to get my hopes up. Ian will be back here Friday night and we are here till Sunday.

So three full days left and we are singing, "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles and all have our fingers crossed for an improvement!

Quote of the Day

"You've got to be #*&#@* kidding me! I can't see rock number 1!"

-Dennis Diehl, after hiking through the sleet and fog to the edge of Bryce Canyon

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