Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Rock Creek farms is the place to go if you want a pumpkin. HUNDREDS OF ACRES OF PUMPKINS! I mean fields of orange as far as the eye can see. Holden was trying to crawl out of her seat before the car even stopped moving. Both kids had a a blast searching for the best pumpkins, helping cut them off the vine, and smashing the guts of rotting ones.

The most exciting part was The Tipton family meeting us there to begin our big fall festival weekend.

We did the pumpkin patch

ran through the hay maze

carved the pumpkins...

(in pajamas)

made homemade pizza for lunch...

and had a Halloween party!

Wow! It was a super action packed exciting weekend. The parents even got to go out to dinner and drinks downtown. Big shout out to Jessica who watched all four kids for us!!! It was so nice to have the house full of laughter and friends (and only a little screaming) all weekend.

Nichole is so talented! She is on her way to a thriving photography business and we really luck out, because whenever we see her, she snaps zillions of beautiful shots. I have not taken a good pic of Holden in about 2 years and Nichole took some awesome ones in a few minutes. If you live in Colorado Springs or the Denver area and are interested in some fabulous photos at reasonable prices look her up! She does engagement, wedding, family, and kid shoots!
Nichole Tipton Photography on Facebook

And this is her family blog which shows also shows off her amazing work.

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