Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ho Ho Holiday Cards

So, Christmas is creeping up on us and I have begun to think about our cards for this year. Shutterfly has some awesome ones very reasonably priced and I know the quality will be great. I use them for my photo books that all of the grandparents get every year and we are always pleased.

Next weekend Nichol has agreed to tackle the gigantic task of trying to get a family picture for us to use on our card. If she gets a good one this is the card I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to use!

Shutterfly has tons of options here

But, I am realistic and perhaps a a card like this is more within our reach as a family this year. And it is super cute. I may ask Nic to try to get a pic like this anyway!

Check similar ideas out here

Then I saw this one with a family Top Ten list and it includes a few pictures, which would be easier than trying to get one good pic of all of us.

More Christmas stationary cards here

But we usually do a Christmas letter and would the letter and the list be too much? So, this card popped out with a short letter included on the front of the card!

Even more creative cards are here

But, Ian is in charge of the letter, and may feel stifled by having to keep it so short. many cute choices, how will I decide?

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  1. I really like the first card. I love Christmas cards with photos!



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