Friday, October 1, 2010 we come!


For those of you who may not know, I pulled a short stunt as a waitress in Zion National Park a few years ago and It has been far too long since I have visited Utah and my favorite place on the planet. We have rented a cabin situated in the shady thick forest between Bryce and Zion. My dad will be meeting us out there for our first big family vacation. We will be cozy in our rustic cabin with plenty of outdoor freedom for Scout and the kids.

Zion is the first place I visited and Angels Landing is the first hike I did on my first trip to the southwest U.S. in July of 2000. Which in part is why this hike and this place have such a special place in my heart and soul. This hike is spectacular and terrifying. 2,000 foot drop offs while you climb up knife edge cliffs. I think I cried out of fear every time I have done it! While we will not be doing my favorite hike with the kids and my dad, mainly because they would all three die, I wanted to share this link to an e-hike of Angels Landing.

The River Walk will probably be more of our hiking style this time around, but wait till those kids grow up!

We will also be visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, which is the most unique place I have ever been.

When you hike down into the canyon you feel as if you are in a maze of castles and turrets. The hoodoos spire into the sky for what feels like miles when you are surrounded by them.

I fully anticipate a relaxing sunset picnic up on the rim, bundled up in warm and cozy clothing

Now, the brutal reality of my fairy tale vacation is that this cabin is exactly 9 hours from Denver. Hmmmm. My kids DO NOT enjoy car rides. Actually, they fiercely hate the car and anything that requires them to sit still for very long. Our most ambitious trips have been to Buena Vista, 2 1/2 hours away and a few of them have led me to beg Ian to leave me on the side of the road midway through. We have both avoided discussing the subject because we are paralyzed with the fear of what is actually going to happen.

So, I will gather favorite videos (Nemo, Jungle Book, Toy Story), buy every snack they have shown even a mild interest in in the past three months, make some new kids mix tapes (see previous post "149 minutes"), buy some (tons) of small new trinket toys to bust out as needed, and purchase heavy duty industrial strength ear plugs for Ian and myself, just in case. HaHa Who am I kidding, just in case, it is guaranteed that we will have numerous breakdowns and bouts of crying, mostly from Ev, and we will need the peace and solace only a pair of ear plugs (or being strapped to the top of the car) could bring.

So tomorrow at 6 am we are off to the desert and my sanctuary. I am beyond excited to share this magical place with my dad and my kids. Hopefully, we all survive.

Quote of the Day

"A journey is like marriage.The certain way to be wrong isto think you can control it."

-John Steinbeck

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