Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Tale of Two Babies

People have begun to ask me, "soooo, how long will she carry that baby around?" "When do kids outgrow 'loveys'?" "Does she take that EVERYWHERE?"

The answers are, forever (I fear), no clue, and yes, everywhere in the entire world that she goes the baby goes. Including school, the bathroom, the dinner table, a pony ride, and the swings to name just a few. We have drawn the line at the tub, however she sits on the counter so she can "watch."

This baby is in poor shape. It is completely pathetic looking. Long ago, my Aunt Karen found an exact replica. I foresaw needing a backup in the event of a lost baby. This was back when original purple baby was new. So we had two perfect babies, but somehow Holden decided one was better than the other and completely rejected "other" purple baby, as she refers to her.

So we currently still have one PERFECT (perfectly useless) purple baby.

And one disgustingly well loved purple baby.

I am wondering, when do I need to try to start weaning her from this comfort object? How do I do it? Because right now, I can't even wrestle that thing out of her arms long enough to wash it.


  1. I have no solution to this dilemma however, I want you to know that I laughed out loud at the tale of the two "babies"! Holden will decide on her own when the real purple baby can stay home. My kids still have blankets from when they were little. They just don't use them anymore. I have my precious "sock monkey" that I received when I was in the hospital for eye surgery at the age of three. It is sitting on my dresser. Some things you just never outgrow!

  2. It was the best of times; it was the worst of



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