Monday, March 15, 2010

Snip, Snip

I wore Ian down and he agreed to get Everett's haircut! We both love those rough and tumble little guys with unruly mops of wavy hair. However, at least a this point, Everett's hair is very thin and straight. The long do was not looking so cute.

So off to Cool Cuts for Kids we went. To some it may seem excessive to pay $17.95 for 1 year olds haircut, but those chicks earn their money. I would have hacked off his ear or poked his eye out trying to cut his hair. Let's say Everett was not too keen on the haircut for the first five minutes and was screaming as if we had amputated his leg. Lollipops, Bunny Grahams, juice boxes...nope.

Turn down your speakers for the video....

He was clinging to me from his perch on the fire truck. Until.....

The sweet and amazingly talented hairstylist brought out the bubbles!

It was so much fun and so cute. He looks like a little guy now and he can sport a mohawk if he is so inclined. Holden decided she wanted a haircut too. We all know how her first haircut went, and we are still being patient growing out those damn bangs! So I relented and she climbed into the fire truck and was a perfect angel. Just a little trim and some long layers for our princess, but no bangs!

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