Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our New Basement!

Well, not yet. But our great friend Jeff is our contractor and will begin work on Monday morning.

The previous owners had gotten started on refinishing the basement. There is a complete bedroom and space organized for a storage area, full bathroom, and living area. When we moved in we dumped all of our junk down there and last week finally got rid of some and tried to organize the rest. We unloaded all of the baby stuff on Mike and Courtney (they are going to need it with two boys on the way!!! YAY!!!) and now have an empty space ready to be finished!

Since our main floor is all hardwood, I am really looking forward to a completely carpeted area for the kids to play on. Ev's favorite activity is rolling around so it will be really nice. Our family and friends will definitely enjoy the bathroom when they are using the spare bedroom. Right now they have to go all the way o the second floor for a shower which shares a wall with Everett's bedroom. Not convenient when he is sleeping, which he does for about 14 hours a day.

Anyway, Ian and I went to Lowes yesterday and figured we could pick everything out in an hour. Haaaa. We are idiots sometimes. We did get some of the big stuff picked out and are completely stuck on color ideas for painting. It is so fun and we want to make it cozy and relaxing, because we and our guests will be spending lots of time down there. I have been searching HGTV pics for inspiration ideas. Ian is no help, other than he knows what he hates. It's something I guess.

The "expert" at Lowes assured us that we can take a class to learn how to tile the floor and bath surround in our new bathroom ourselves. We decided it would be a fun project to work on together. However, we are not the best at home improvement and hope it turns out ok.

Here are our "before" pictures.

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