Monday, March 15, 2010

Dancing Queen

Well folks, we officially entered a new phase of parenthood when we attended Holden's first dance recital. She is in Minnie Mouse Dance through our rec center. And the kids pretty much run and jump around like maniacs from 9-9:45 every Tuesday morning. I was dying to see what would actually happen when they were asked to perform for an audience.

The recital was for five different classes ( of about 10 girls each) and about 500 people attended the show at a local community church. When we arrived (35minutes early) there was a line out the door of about 200 people.

Ok, so these people take this seriously. We had to fight for a "good" seat. Holden had a blast running around and jumping off the stage with the big girls while we waited for the show to begin.

When they called her group, she jumped out of Ian's arms and took off, hmm guess now that she is a "big" girl she doesn't need us anymore. Anyway, she was definitely cooperative, smiley, and happy for her big moment. While she danced less than anyone else, she did wave to Ian and remember to bow. So here it is.....

We ended our big night out with a trip to Cold Stone for some pink ice cream. It was so cute and I cannot believe how grown up Miss Holden is!

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