Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today's Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons NOT to let your one year old run around diaperless...

10. He will probably pee on the floor

9. Your dog will probably lick up the pee- GROSS!

8. He may poop on the floor

7. He may even poop on his play laptop

6.He may also smear the poop on every other toy in the room

5. He will probably smear the poop all over himself

4. He will definitely smear the poop all over the carpeting in your bedroom

3. Your dog may come "help" with the clean up process- GROSSER!

2. You will probably be out of resolve

1. The poop will probably end up in his mouth....

JK- Number one did not happen....but 2-10 did


  1. All better thank goodness. We have all been healthy for 4 days so I am sure someone is going to get sick soon!

  2. Ok...Kimmie, don't take this personally, "But, what the hell did you expect from a one year old boy?" lol

  3. I am learning boys and girls are different....VERY different!



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