Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A few weeks ago, Ian's dad asked me, "why have a first birthday party, he won't even remember?"

It really got me thinking as to why this first birthday party was so important to me. Truthfully, he won't remember it, but that's not really the point is it?

The point is having friends and family gather to celebrate life! One beautiful year with a miraculous baby. Sleepless nights, ear infections, first smiles, diaper explosions, learning to walk, ...all of it. The point is Ian and I survived!!

It is the rituals of our lives which make life wonderful, special, and memorable. Everett will look back at pictures of this party and listen to us tell stories of all the silly, sweet, and crazy things he did during his first year. Through those pictures and stories he will see and feel the love and happiness that all of our loved ones feel towards him. He (and maybe more so we) deserves a celebration and our loved ones wanted to be included in that celebration.

Now is the time for us to begin OUR traditions. Start new ones, uphold old ones, and change ones we didn't like from our childhoods. This is our chance to start building the memories that our children will hold dear.

So here it is...the party....

I was mildly excited with my cake success. I may move to NY and try out for Cake Boss!

Everett was in a fantastic mood and loved running around all of the people and chasing all of the kids.

I took old moving boxes and turned them into race cars.

I was pretty excited that the kids actually ran around pretending to race.

Ev was super excited to dig into the cake and ate it like a machine again. He does like to eat....

The party was amazing, crazy, fun, and everything we hoped it would be. And yes, Everett will not remember it, but I will always remember him smiling, laughing, hugging me, and dripping his slobbery kisses all over me.

This is the point....

Here are the rest of our pictures


  1. Looks like one awesome birthday party! Sorry that I missed THIS one....Love, Aunt Karen

  2. I am just happy you were at his first-first party!



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