Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Everett's First-First Birthday Party Weekend

Who gets TWO first birthday parties? Everett does! And boy does he deserve them-he is such a happy, cute, loving baby. We were back in PA for a visit with my family and Bobby (Ian's best friend from high school) and Meagan's wedding. While we were there Ev celebrated his big first birthday. SO of course we had to take the opportunity to have a big party with all of my family there to help eat the cake.

Which my mom so generously made! All of the party success goes to my mom, because while we were in Pittsburgh (more on that later), she was home babysitting the kiddies, baking, and cooking for the shindig. There were probably 25 people singing to Ev and he just smiled the whole time. He was super duper excited for the cupcake!

Once he shoved it into his mouth, he did not let go. He just kept shoving and shoving. I think he was afraid he would lose it if he took a breath, so he just ate it like he was in a contest.

Miss Holden was a bit out of sorts because (unknown to us) she had pneumonia.

On Monday, Ian and I took her to the ER where they realized her Oxygen levels were low, she received a breathing treatment, a chest x-ray, was diagnosed with viral pneumonia and they released us on good behavior. Seriously, the Dr. said, "we would usually admit a child with O2 levels this low, but you guys look responsible, so we will let you take her home. Just bring her back if she gets worse." Huh? How am I supposed to tell if her O2 level drops again? I may look responsible, but I am no Dr. So of course I was terrified and slept with her, or didn't sleep with her I should say. She was a mess. Then all day Tuesday she was still a wreck with a fever and we ended up back in the emergency room that afternoon. I was petrified she was dehydrated (reliving the good old hand, foot, and mouth drama) and I wanted her O2 level checked again. She checked out fine and I would only leave with an inhaler (thanks to Aunt Karen's past experiences with her kids). Then on Wed morning we all woke up, Holden was still sick and Everett had a wretched cough and uncontrollable snot pouring out of him. AND, we got to fly home that afternoon. The flight actually was fine, but I am definitely done flying with kids for a while.

The nice news is we had a fabulous time in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh...who knew? It is a totally cute, clean, and friendly city. I loved everything, except the gray sky. We got to spend one night at Bobby and Meagan's house and enjoy their renovations and some quiet time prior to wedding festivities. The rehearsal dinner was the most delicious italian food EVER and the wedding was unbelievable! The reception was in a conservatory and it was a winding maze through a rainforrest to get to cocktail hour. We were surrounded with ponds, waterfalls, lush tropical trees and plants. It was probably the coolest wedding venue I have ever been to. And the cookies! There must have been 2000 cookies. And the candy! A gigantic candy table. I am definitely a sweets person and I was in heaven. Bobby and Meagan are the sweetest couple and Ian was completely honored to be one of the best men and took his speech VERY seriously. The co-best men were e-mailing for weeks to orchestrate their joint speech. The did a great job, and I hope Bobby and Meagan know how much they mean to us!!!! It was such a nice adult get away and mini vaca from parent duties. We need to do that more often!

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