Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Everett,

My Dear Son,

You are one year old. What an amazing accomplishment! And I mean that sincerely because there were times I wondered if your sister might accidentally kill you. However, you are almost as big as her now and I think secretly plotting a cou d'eta. I am looking forward to the shift of power and will watch with amusement as Holden stares at all of us in disbelief when you become the King! Her reign has been long enough...I think we all agree.

When I think of you the first word that pops in my head is smushy. You have these full smushy cheeks which I could kiss all day. You have a big smushy belly which is super duper ticklish. And, your smushy little toes make me smile every time I look a them. You even pull off your shoes and socks every chance you get just so you can gaze at your smushy toes!

I want you to know who you were at one, so here is my list of important facts about one year old Everett.

You love to run and don't mind falling on your face. You have lots of bruises to prove your ambition.

You just learned to "dance." You start bopping up and down and banging your hands on your lap when a tune strikes you.

Holden makes you laugh more than anything or anyone else in the world. So while she can be rough, she is your prime entertainment and she LOVES to see you smile.

Speaking of your sister, when you cry, she gives you her baby and tells me, " he wants you to pick him up and he needs his milk!" When I am changing your diaper and you get mad at me and start squirming and screaming she sings to you. Usually Mary Had a Little Lamb. She always wants to sit next to you and "pet"you. She rubs your hair, kisses you on top your head, and says, "I love you Ev-E." She only calls you Ev-E.

Your favorite books are Where is Spot and Peek-a-Baby. You lift the flaps and turn the pages by yourself. You know which direction to hold the book and to "read" it left to right. Makes your teacher mom very proud!

You are not speaking at all! No words yet! I could really use a "momma." The Dr. assures me that you are so all consumed with your physical accomplishments that you have no energy left to waste on learning to talk.

You eat a three times more than Holden. Grapes, applesauce, cream cheese, graham and animal crackers are your favorite things.

You do not like the car, you won't sleep and mostly complain. After about 40 minutes the complaints turn into screams. You will have to learn to be a car person since Dad and I are!

Mostly you are silly, sweet, rolly polly, loving, and happy. A complete miracle and joy every single day! I couldn't love you one ounce more...xoxo Mommy

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