Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fishies, Buterflies, and Dinosaurs, Oh My!

My Dad was out for a visit last week, and visitors always mean lots of activities. The weather was kind of blah so we did some fun indoor stuff. On Tuesday we headed out to the aquarium, we had never been there and I thought Holden would LOVE the fish. Well, she was mildly entertained, but much preferred running through the dim passages and hiding. However, the tank featuring Nemo, Dorrie, and sea anemones was a big hit!

Everett really enjoyed looking at everything and had even more fun than Holden. Well, other than this giant sea worm that was twice as big as him, it was a total yawn!

Wednesday we headed off to the Butterfly Pavillion. This place was a definite hit with Holden. They have a huge "creepy" room. Cocroaches, beetles, honeybees, HUGE spiders, snakes, etc. Rosie, the tarantula was out, but Holden was too scared to hold her, so was I actually. Then we moved into the "please touch me" section and I was convinced Holden was going to squeeze a starfish to death. Amazingly, she was very gentle and sweet with all of the sea life.

Finally, we arrived in the tropical butterfly world. It was really cool. Colorful tropical plans and flowers and butterflies everywhere. She didn't really stand still long enough to get many pictures. She just ran chasing butterflies for a good 30 minutes.

Yesterday, we had a perfect fall day and I took the little munchkins to the Denver Botanic Gardens to see the dinosaur exhibit. It was so peaceful and relaxing. They were so good and we had a wonderful time exploring the paths and gardens and hunting dinosaurs of course!

We had a quiet peaceful and relaxing lunch under the trees overlooking the water gardens. I have to say this was probably the nicest, easiest, and most pleasant field trip I have had so far with the kids. It was wonderful and reminded me of how grateful I am to be home with them and having the opportunity to do things like this together.

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