Wednesday, September 30, 2009


YAY! Everett is army crawling all over the house. Stealing Holden's books, snatching her granola bars, and pulling her hair. It is so funny, She has the look of stunned confusion when he really gets moving and into her things. I guess she is going to have to learn about sharing...finally!

He was under our computer desk pulling out all of the wires...I guess my babyproofing has slacked off since Holden has grown up a little bit. I am now on the prowl, moving flower pots off the floor, locking baby gates, and picking all of Holden's, tiny little choking hazards (Barbie crowns, barrettes, and pebbles) off the floor.

He didn't perform well for the camera, but you can see his determination to try and get what he wants. It is amazing how he is getting better every day!

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