Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And the tattling begins....

I was in the bathroom blow drying my hair when I thought I heard Holden shrieking. I turned off the blow dryer and low and behold she was freaking out. I stuck my head out into the bedroom to see what travesty had occurred. Ev is sitting at his baby laptop mashing buttons and listening to lions roar and telephones jingle. Holden is laying on her back with her head in Everett's lap. I ran out to see what the problem was. Holden sat up and completely seriously, in a very authoritative and grown up voice told me, "Everett pulled my hair!!!" She sat staring at me, I assume waiting for me to reprimand my 9 month old son for hurting the poor dear. It took everything in me not to say, "paybacks a bitch." OF COURSE, I did not say that, I explained that Ev is a baby and he does not understand that pulling hair hurts (just like when Everett was one month old and you forgot that biting, scratching, and drawing blood hurts). Anyway, it was pretty funny and I noted that from here on our it will only get worse. There will come a day when the tattling is not cute and it makes me crazy. For now, I am enjoying watching these two monsters love, hug, bite, squeeze, and slobbery kiss each other. I am exhausted and it is a complete joy!

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  1. You always manage to amuse me with your 'real life" stories. You really should consider writing a book....As always, I love the updates.

    Aunt karen



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