Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 Months and all is well

Little man went to his 9 month checkup yesterday and handled it like a champ. At his 6 month check up he was weighing in at the 10th percentile. However, over the past three months he has developed a love affair with solid food and put on some considerable poundage! We were convinced that he would be in the 75th percentile. I mean, some mornings I wake up with sore biceps from carrying him around the previous day! Low and behold he has grown, but not that much. He weighs 18.10 pounds (25th percentile) and is 27 1/2 inches long (35th percentile). Jeeze, how many chins would he have if he was in the 75th percentile (He has three now!)?

Everett was pronounced healthy and normal. I voiced my frustration that he isn't crawling yet and the Dr. asked, "Does he brace himself with his arms when he tips over from a sitting position?" Ha ha, no he doesn't and it's pretty funny to watch. Apparently the "parachute reflex" needs to kick in before crawling usually begins. So the Dr. picked Everett up over her head and simulated falling to see if he would stick his arms out. No, he just laughed. She did it again, and he laughed harder. Then it just turned into a fun game of Everett almost crashing into the ground. She told me to put him on a big exercise ball on his belly, tip him forward and roll him all around. Apparently this may foster that reflex and help this frustrated boy get moving.

I bought a ball today and Holden has been so helpful trying to propel Ev off the ball. "FASTER! HARDER!" she yells and she pushes the ball with all her force. So far I have managed to keep him on the ball, but I see some accidents in our future.

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