Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So, finally I got up the courage to take my two little munchkins to APEX (the rec center) which we joined one month ago. We have gone as a family and Ian was the first to venture over there alone (without a diaper bag!). I have been so nervous about leaving them in the child care center while I worked out. Not because I thought I would miss them or was afraid they would perish without me, but because I was afraid of the embarrassment when my name was called over the intercom and I was instructed to remove my maniac children from the premises!

Alas, that did not happen, They were both perfect angels and Everett even took a nap. I got to work out and take Holden swimming. I have to admit the most challenging part was walking in and out with two kids, a car seat, a swimming bag, a diaper bag, and a swimming noodle. Especiallywhen Holden weasels out of my grasp and runs away. Running while lugging a car seat is not an easy or pretty task.

I forgot about these pics my mom took while we home. One is with my Nana's sister, Aunt Marcy. Aunt Marcy never had kids and she completely took us on and would have sleepovers with us and let us demolish her house. She doesn't hold her tongue and is still a spitfire-she is awesome! Then we have my brilliant and talented cousin Dan hanging out with Everett.

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