Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello Toothfairy

Thank god we are getting this show on the road! Poor Ev has been struggling with two little monsters and one of them finally popped up last week. He is attempting to show me through the mashed bananas, but isn't quite there yet. These two teeth have been threatening to poke through those tender gums for weeks now. Every time Everett freaks out for no apparent reason, Ian and I look at each other and nod, say, "it must be teeth," and quickly run to the medicine cabinet for baby Motrin. I was starting to feel like a drug dealer dispensing my goods at the drop of a hat, but he really seemed tortured by the pain. One sharp little tooth has sprung and I am hoping the second is close behind, so we can have a little break from teething.

Other than that our 7 month old son is eating like a monster. I actually asked the Dr, "how much food is too much food?" He kinda laughed and told me to keep feeding him. He seems huge to us, but is still in the 10% for height and weight.

He is not crawling...yet, but I am convinced this child will find mobility before 12 months. For those of you that don't remember, Holden never crawled... well until after she walked at 12 months and 1 week old. I was warned by many of the over 50 crowd that she was sure to be developmentally delayed and ruined forever if she didn't crawl. Meanwhile, the Dr. and all of my mom friends assured me it is very common and normal, and really no big deal at all. I am pretty sure she turned out far anyway. I mean jeeze, she can count to ten in english AND spanish and say her ABC's. I know L,M,N,O,P sounds like LelemmmmmmennnnO,P! But I am sure she will come around any day now!

I am hoping the teeth popping through will also give us all a break in the sleep department too. I am ragged. Everett is up between 4:30-6 every morning. Usually more towards 4:30. I am DONE with Dr. Ferber. While it worked like a charm with Holden, it DEFINITELY did not work with Ev. So we have had some substantial screaming, but he is now usually falling asleep on his own for naps and bedtime. If only we can get the little bugger to sleep till 6 I think I may survive this last first year with an infant. Oh yeah, I said people have 18 kids I can't imagine. I love my children more than anything, but we are done!

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