Saturday, July 11, 2009

Remember, Mommy, Remember

Holden is completely crazy.

When we are on a long car ride, or at the grocery store, or some other torturous activity I make Holden participate in, she demands lollipops. Screams for lollipops. Cries for lollipops. Up until now I have only purchased the organic, all natural, no sugar added gems. Which actually do taste pretty good. They have always delighted and appeased my little monster.

A week ago H asked ever so politely for a lollipop and I reached into the backseat and handed her a pomegranate sucker. After about 3 seconds she threw it on the floor and said," don't like it Mommy, don't like it." HUH? OK whatever, I gave her the organic gummy bears and she calmed down. The next day at the grocery store she asks again for a lollipop. I gave her the "lellow" one she requested. Mango, I think. Again, 3 sucks and, "I don't like it, Mommy." And into the basket it went.

Yesterday she demanded a lollipop on our long drive back from Colorado Springs and I thought, ok, I will try again. This time she tasted it once and said,"Don't like it, remember, Mommy, remember" while pointing ever so knowingly into the air with her pointer finger. Like she was trying to teach me a lesson. I thought the sticky lollipop game was over.

But no, this morning in the car she again asks for a lollipop. Just for fun I gave her another organic treat and she just looked at it threw at me in the driver's seat and yelled, "DON'T LIKE IT! Remember, Mommy, remember." Pointy finger shaking at me like she was scolding me for being bad.

UM, who needs to remember?

Anyway, I am convinced this has occurred as a result of the pinata at my family picnic in PA. Where she landed and devoured two Tootsie Pops. I knew this healthy organic thing could only last for so long.

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